Hello there, welcome to this wiki! This was a wiki I created way back in 2011 for a Super Mario Brothers themed webcomic. The webcomic was, well, pretty bad. I have no intention of continuing the comic but seeing what random users have done with the place in the past 6 years has made me decide to make the place "free reign". If you're interested in contributing, please read the rules page here: Wiki Rules

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Welcome to the Mario And Luigi Ultimate Adventures WikiEdit

Mario And Luigi Ultimate adventures is a comic found on, a site for hosting webcomics. This is a place that shows information about this sprite comic that I have made.

I do not own most character's on this wiki, most are owned by Nintendo.

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Mario and Luigi go on adventures through all the well know mario games staarting with superstar saga!

This Wiki will show all the characters from this comic, the bosses, and maybe some upcoming events.

the comic can be found here:

The comic and this wiki update at complete randomness.

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